“Palestinian” Arab anti-Israel activist harasses Holocaust survivor

by Avi Abelow

This “Palestinian” Arab anti-Israel activist is evil. The way she scorned this Holocaust survivor and compared Israel to Nazi Germany in front of him? Sick!

SJP Arab Anti-Israel Activist

How disrespectful is this? A member of the antisemitic organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) stole the spotlight at a Holocaust survivor’s speech to attack Israel. Wrong time, wrong place, and yes, wrong information. Not only did this “Palestinian” Arab anti-Israel activist lie about the Jewish state “oppressing” Palestinian Arabs and saying it is like Nazi Germany, but she did it in front of a man who was ACTUALLY persecuted and tormented by the Nazis.

What “ethnic cleansing”? It was the Arab world that launched a war against the Jews back in 1948 to throw the Jews into the sea. It was the Arabs that planned on ethnically cleansing the Jews! Miraculously, with God’s help, the Jews won. If anything, it is the Arab world that is solely responsible for those Arabs who lost their homes and became refugees. They only ran away from their homes because the Arab states launched a war to throw the Jews into the sea! But they failed.

“Survived” the Intifada?

Did this SJP activist actually have the nerve to claim that she is a “survivor” of the Intifada? The Intifada is the armed uprising of terror that has murdered thousands of Jews over the past few decades. She “survived” the intifada? What does that even mean? The people she is claiming are oppressed are the ones who murdered Israelis and continue to do so!

If this does not show you the real goal of organizations like SJP, what will? They do not care about fighting for ANY justice of ANYONE. If they did, they would fight for the justice of Palestinian Arabs living under the oppression of Hamas in Gaza and of the Palestinian Authority. They would fight for those worldwide who are suffering at the hands of dictators and tyrants. But instead, they spread lies about Israel, a thriving and free democracy; a place where Arabs are treated better than any of the Arab countries. Instead, they take advantage of a Holocaust survivor who KNOWS what it means to be oppressed. How shameful.

Please, do not compare the Holocaust, where 6,000,000 Jews were murdered, to the way Israelis treat Arabs living in Israel. It is wrong, false, and immoral. Arabs are doctors. Arabs receive healthcare. The Arabs living in Israel are happy. Israelis do not murder Arabs and place them in concentration camps, depriving them of their basic needs. No, that was the Nazis. Do NOT try to claim otherwise.

Motivation for Terror
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