One of the Reasons the Jewish People Have Survived for Thousands of Years

by Leah Rosenberg

As the Creator of the World, G-d knows what is best. And He knows that Shabbos, the holy Sabbath, keeps the Jews thriving.

The Jewish People and Shabbos

The Jewish people are commanded to keep G-d’s holy Sabbath. The seventh day of the week is infused with extra holiness. It is a day of rest. But that does not mean one just sleeps all day. It is a day to disconnect with the outside world and a day to reconnect with G-d and family; with things that truly matter. Shabbos is a time to reflect and reevaluate; to infuse the coming week with G-dliness. It is a reminder that G-d is in control. And that is a comforting feeling.

Living with Shabbos really enhances life. For those who are fortunate enough to keep Shabbos, they know that there is nothing like it. They wonder how people survive without it.

This song truly reflects how important Shabbos is. Here are the lyrics:

From nine to five
That wheel just keeps on turning
The rush the drive
A week of working
Never evading our goal
Till a moment creates a transformation
Within our soul.

Time to unwind
The daily grind is over
And we can find
The peace of mind
The light inside that makes us whole
In a moment that dates back to creation
Hashem’s in control.

We let out a sigh
And look up to the sky
As the sun sets on all our cares
So happy it’s finally here.

Baruch Hashem it’s Shabbos
Gut Shabbos.

We’re signing out
Of all the wheeling-dealing
We’re zooming in
And getting close to the Creator of it all
Till the moment that brings a separation
Bein Kodesh L’Chol.

Let’s turn around
And seek the inner meaning
That can be found
When we step out of our day to day routine
It’s a moment our souls find elevation
While greeting a queen.

We let out a sigh
As we tell her goodbye
And escort her upon her way
It’s just six more days till we say

Baruch Hashem it’s Shabbos
Gut Shabbos.

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