Once Again Christmas is Hijacked in the Campaign Against Israel and the Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

Somehow, even Jesus and Christmas are being used in the campaign against Israel. Who can believe the “Palestinians” and this made up history?

“Palestinians” Use Jesus in the Campaign Against Israel

This is not a complicated issue. This is not a controversial issue. It is plain and simple: Jesus was a Jew. He was from Judea. No, he was not a “Palestinian” or an Arab. He existed before Islam existed! We are talking about basic history here. And yet, the “Palestinians” are trying to use Jesus in the campaign against Israel.

Things just get more and more ridiculous. How can anyone believe these absurd lies? This video brings up important points about how the BDS movement would try to boycott Jesus if he was alive today! How the “Palestinians” would try to kill him in Israel for being a Jew. But somehow, the “Palestinians” are trying to claim he was one of them. The “Palestinians” are trying to hijack Christmas and claim that Jesus was not a Jew.

Dr. Risch

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