Obama Told One of the Biggest Lies about President Biden

by Phil Schneider

There has never been a Presidency that can be properly termed a puppet Presidency as much as the Presidency of Joe Biden. Joe Biden does not owe his Presidency to Barack Obama. But there is no question that Joe Biden of the Oval Office is not the same Joe Biden from just 4 years earlier when he served as Vice President for eight years.

Joe Biden was probably not Barack Obama’s favored choice for the job of Vice President. In 2016, when Hillary Clinton ran for President, it was a clear snub to Joe Biden when Barack Obama did not encourage nor endorse Joe Biden to be the Democratic nominee. Most people properly interpreted this as an affirmation that Joe Biden was too old for the job.

Then, four years later, in 2020, Joe Biden, who was considered way too old for the job, but with a resume that was way more impressive than any other contender, found a lane to run on and beat the even older looking Bernie Sanders. In the odd primaries leading up to the 2020 election, which was largely a referendum on Donald Trump, the Democrat Party’s main problem was not placing Bernie Sanders at the top of the ticket. Bernie Sanders performed well against Hillary Clinton and even better four years later. Oddly enough, Bernie Sanders’ socialist ideas have become mainstream among a massive part of the Democrat Party.

But even Barack Obama, who shares many of the same ideas as Bernie Sanders, does not believe in saying them outright on the campaign trail. Obama now has the best of all worlds. Biden appears to be an old moderate Democrat, so the face of the Democrat Party is not radical like Bernie Sanders. Yet, Obama and his supporters have control over nearly every policy decision emanating from the Oval Office. So, the government has grown exponentially in the last two years under the guise of concern for struggling Americans and not as a result of radical socialist ideology.

The person who has the most to lose if Joe Biden walks off the stage is Barack Obama. His power over the Oval Office will never be as great as it is now. Even Kamala Harris would probably be more independent than Joe Biden. Barack Obama has been and continues to be the most powerful person in America since 2008, except for the 4 year hiatus during the Trump Presidency.

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