NYT created the biggest conspiracy theory after BLM protesters burned the Bible

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you get it yet? Do you see the problem with BLM protesters? Do you see the problem with those who defend them? This speaks volumes.

BLM Protesters – & the NYT – Lost it

Let’s be honest. BLM protesters have lost it. But they lost it long ago. This is just a new low. Burning Bibles. Even if you yourself are not a religious person, that is clearly wrong. That is clearly against all morals. But so is burning the American flag. That is what terrorists do. Terrorists burn flags. No moral person does that.

But BLM protesters do not respect anyone or anything. They loot, they burn, they act like animals – and worse.

Here is the bigger problem. The fact that The New York Times, a once reputable newspaper, defends them is shameful. The fact that they create conspiracy theories to defend Bible burning is horrendous.

You don’t need to be a Conservative to believe that all of this is wrong. This is about morals, not about politics.

The NYT is No Longer Trustworthy

This is not the first extreme blunder that The New York Times has had. In fact, it seems to be the new norm for them. They have their antisemitism, their lies, their political agenda – it is all bad.

And they do not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

This newspaper is no longer what it used to be. Avid followers have unsubscribed. Workers have quit. People have had enough.

And the truth no longer seems to matter.

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