An Israeli company is trying to bring locusts back on the menu

by Phil Schneider

There are very few things that Israel is not on the forefront of in this day and age. Everything from hi-tech to bio-tech and moral clarity is what Israel stands for. But what is often not known is that Israel is also involved in creating protein-filled locusts. Yes, locusts. Biblical Protein. But don’t worry – the locusts are first ground into powder and then gradually turned back into easily digested food. You won’t need to crunch on the biblical locusts.

Nutrition is not a small matter. Today, we understand that most, if not all sicknesses can be avoided or abated with proper nutrition. Protein that is animal-based is perhaps one of the most underrated dangers in the modern Western diet. Will insect-based protein diets bring health rewards? It remains to be seen. There are probably not more than a few groups in the world that are eating insect-based protein filled diets. So, there is very little scientific evidence on this subject. But, we should not think that what exists today is what must exist tomorrow. Things can get better or worse – based on our decisions.

Nutrition took a sharp downward turn in the late 70’s when junk food took a major step forward and became ubiquitous. Corn chips and limitless soda choices is not a sign of progress as much as it is a sign of nutritional decadence. The key to the future may be in out of the box choices like locusts and hydroponic food. Let’s not be scared to open our minds to what may be healthier options than the habits we may have been raised on for decades.

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