NY Times’ Lie About The Capitol Hill Protest Now Exposed

by Gavriel Dan

The central story about the Capitol Hill protests, was that a band of “blood-thirsty” Trump supports stormed the Capitol Building in an attempt to take over the US Government. Since video footage showed many of these “rioters” entering the building peacefully, some sort of proof that these Trump supporters were in fact terrorists needed to emerge.

At the time the NY Times published a story connecting the protestors to the death of an officer by way of being bludgeoned by a fire extinguisher. This became the central thrust of the impeachment hearings and now, all of it has been proven false.

The NY Times now admits that officer Brian Sicknick died as a result of a stroke, unrelated to the events of the day. What is increasingly clear is that the NY Times waited until after the impeachment trial to amend their story. This is long after the US populace was told that Trump’s actions on Jan. 6th had led to the death of officer Sicknick.

On a deeper level, the NY Times and Big Tech conspired with fake news, to destroy Trumps supporters and muddy the water for most of America.


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