Nukes in North Korea have everything to do with Israel and here is why

by Phil Schneider

Do nuclear weapons in the hands of North Korea truly endanger the entire world? Do they endanger Israel specifically too? The answer is yes and yes. Daniel Pomerantz from Honest Reporting breaks it down into very simple terms.

Armed & Dangerous

North Korea is indeed a rogue regime, but they no longer just threaten South Korea and Japan. Due to technological advances, they now threaten the entire world. Ballistic missiles now can deliver warheads to the continental United States. North Korea has a few friends – not more than a handful. But that small handful of nations are close enough to Israel and Europe to pose a serious threat. North Korea is close enough to Japan to wreak havoc in just seconds. This is akin to an 8th grader who gets his hands on an automatic weapon. He may look small and not serious, but he carries significant firepower and needs to be stopped.

Trump vs. Kim Jong Un

Don’t make a mistake and think that Kim Jong Un is a younger and more modern version of his predecessors.  His track record is crystal clear.  He is willing to kill tens of thousands of his own people in order to solidify his hold on power.  The only think dictators like this understand is force.    President Trump understands that this kind of a tyrant needs to be spoken to in binary terms.  Get in line or we will make sure you get in line.  This is what President Trump just did to Kim Jong Un.  He just forced him to choose between two options: One option is denuclearization and modernization.  The other option was fire and fury in Seoul.

Kim Jong Un didn’t exactly make a choice.  President Trump checkmated him into submission.

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