Nova Festival Survivor Wants One Thing: For the World to Hear His Miraculous Story

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s painful to hear this Nova Festival survivor recount what happened to him. But through it, he found G-d. You have to hear this.

Nova Festival Survivor Finds G-d in the Tragedy

This story is heartbreaking. But at the same time, the fact that Roi, a survivor of the Nova Festival massacre, found G-d is unbelievable. One could think that all those who witnessed such horrific tragedy would feel anger and resentment toward religion and G-d. One could think that the massacre on October 7 would turn people even further away from their Creator.

But in fact, many people have turned toward G-d. They have turned toward religion and spirituality. And it is beyond inspiring. Even those who themselves did not experience October 7 have chosen to do something spiritual to help protect our soldiers or in memory of those who were brutally taken from us far too soon. It seems that Jews worldwide are becoming closer to G-d and to each other.

As Roi said, we must not wait for tragedy to occur to be united. The Jewish people need to remember that we are one family. Yes, we all have different opinions. After all, there are 12 tribes. We do not all have the same exact lifestyle. But who are we to judge each other? We must remember that we are brothers and sisters. We must remember that G-d is our Father in Heaven. He loves us, so why can’t we love each other? That is the path to victory.

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