No Forgiveness for Betrayal

by Zahava Englard Shapiro

There is no forgiveness for betrayal. The American Jewish leftist leadership’s underhanded scheme to influence President Trump in order to undermine Binyamin Netanyahu’s planned security measures, which include extending sovereignty in Israel’s heartland, is a revolting and perfidious betrayal of their brethren in Israel.

These sniveling cowards, without a care for Israel’s security, and in an effort to brown nose their leftist compatriots, purposefully sought to sabotage Israel’s democratically elected prime minister and backstab their fellow Jews in Israel.

They will soon discover that there is just so far they can shove their heads up the leftist Jew-haters’ a$$es before they are smacked with reality, making in their own pants and drowning in their own excrement.

Come this Pesach, (if they partake in the seder ritual) they won’t have to go as far as ancient Egypt in retelling the Jewish people’s story of bondage. They have but to look at themselves in the mirror and realize their self- induced bondage as they grovel for acceptance in American leftist society.

What a pathetic lot. But they are not to be pitied. They are betrayers of their people. For this, there is no forgiveness.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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