New Covid Scare Campaign Has Begun

by Avi Abelow

More headlines are starting to pop up about a new covid variant and a new booster.

Nobody should be surprised if our governments once again push covid restrictions upon us. Some institutions are already doing so!

Understand, people did not die from covid, they died from hospital protocols that mistreated patients. On top of that, even the New York Times and the CDC have finally admitted that the official covid numbers were not accurate, as most of the people who officially “died” from covid, died from other causes, not covid, yet were listed as covid!

This time, as the daily news once again begin to scare us about covid, do not be scared! Everyone should refrain from internalizing the fear and, even more importantly, resist the restrictions, publicly!

Don’t put on masks, don’t stay home in lockdowns, and don’t take any forced, experimental medical interventions, that governments & big Pharma have no liability if you get injured from.

Find doctors who know about the existing medical treatments and stay mentally & spiritually healthy by ignoring the scare tactics of media, government and the medical establishment.

Some people are already guessing why they are bringing covid back for, now…

Covid was the cover story that allowed multiple US states to allow for mail-in ballots, that many people still claim allowed for massive election fraud in the 2020 elections, and they want to repeat that mail-in ballot craziness all over again.

In addition to the media scare, we also have this…

Watch How Hospitals Lied About Covid and Treatments

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