Bibi Netanyahu’s chilling account of what he saw in the Vilna Ghetto

by Leah Rosenberg

Bibi Netanyahu and his wife Sara went to the Vilna Ghetto and saw the destruction and horror that took place. Their message for the world is unbelievable.

The Holocaust

Holocaust denial is spreading throughout the world. It is shocking that it exists. So much remains of the horrors that took place only 80 years ago. That is in THIS lifetime. Survivors are still living to tell their stories. How can denial exist? Anyone can go and visit the camps, the memorials, the places of mass murder.

If the prime minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, takes the time to go visit the memorials, everyone should.

Bibi Netanyahu at the Vilna Ghetto

Bibi Netanyahu and Sara went to see atrocities of the Vilna Ghetto. The prime minister and his wife were deeply affected by what they saw.

They saw the Jewish homes. In his speech, Netanyahu said about his wife: “Sara said she could see the faces of the little Jewish children from 75 years ago.”

They saw so much of what once existed. The theater, the synagogues – once filled with Jewish life. It is heartbreaking to hear of the beauty that was destroyed. And it is heartbreaking to hear their account of when they stood in places where so many Jews were murdered and slaughtered.

Netanyahu and Sara also saw the Jewish resistance. During all the tortures of the Holocaust, the Jews still tried to fight back. And that message is one for eternity.

Am Yisrael Chai

Am Yisrael Chai – The nation of Israel lives. Bibi Netanyahu ended his speech this way because it is one of the most important messages for the Jewish people’s enemies and the world at large.

The prime minister wanted to tell the fallen, “We are here. We are back. We are alive. Am yisrael chai.”

The Jewish people are alive and strong. And they are not going anywhere.

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