Netanyahu Won the Israeli Elections Because of This!

by Avi Abelow

With all of the reasons some Israelis wanted to get rid of Netanyahu, he won the 2019 elections because of one reason. Most Israelis get it. They understand one critical concept that Netanyahu despisers ignore. Watch to the end to understand yourself.

Oslo Disaster

Most Israelis remember the horrendous situation of the country following the disastrous Oslo peace process. In 1993, Israel recognized the arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat and his Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as the official representatives of the palestinian Arabs. Even though it was illegal according to Israeli law to have any contact with Yasser Arafat and other members of the PLO, the Rabin government illegally did so and made a peace deal with the PLO allowing them into Judea, Samaria and Gaza. This gave them guns, together with the municipal and security responsibility over all Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. This turned out to be a horrendous mistake.

This Oslo “peace” process did not bring peace. It brought terror, terror and more terror. It did not take decades or years. But almost immediately after the deal was signed, the terror attacks began. Israel’s leftist leaders of the time called all the dead and injured Israeli terror victims “sacrifices of peace.” Such cynicism and so patronizing, telling the Israeli people that innocent Jews murdered by terrorists, given guns by our own government, that they died as “sacrifices for peace.” The anger towards the left started to boil and has only grown since.

Thousands and thousands of dead and wounded in the 25 years since that disastrous Oslo process. Security has never been the same, the economy took a terrible hit and yet the world forced Israel to continue to give more land and money to the terror inciting and supporting Palestinian Authority.

It is due to this memory, that the left has been decimated in Israel. the latest elections this week give only 10 seats out of 120 to leftist parties. All other parties are either right or campaign as “center” parties because they know that the majority of the Israeli public despise the left.

This is why Prime Minister Netanyahu has been elected time after time in elections because most Israelis recognize that it is thanks to his right of center leadership that Israel is in a much-improved security and economic situation today, despite still having to suffer the results of the disastrous Oslo “peace” process. And even with the decades of world pressure stopping us from defending ourselves and ending the terror of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

Most Israelis get it and that is why they keep on voting for Netanyahu, or one of the parties that supports Netanyahu, in the elections.

The Israeli left did everything it could to return to power. They created “centrist” parties to pull voters. They go on judicial witch hunts against Netanyahu. They use the media to constantly attack Netanyahu.

The left no longer talk of peace with our enemies, because the Israeli public no longer believe our neighbors are interested in peace. They no longer talk of coexistence either. Now the left only talks about “separation”, a separation where hundreds of thousands of fellow Israelis in Judea and Samaria would be expelled from their homes and Jewish communities destroyed. Most of the Israeli public doesn’t buy it. They are still messianic in thinking that if we just give everything our enemies want, then we will have quiet. That is what the left believes, yet most of the Israeli public is smarter than that. Instead, a majority of the Israeli public votes for Netanyahu in the elections.

The left used a judicial crusade against Netanyahu to break the support for him. Yet that didn’t stop Israelis from voting for him either.

Most Israelis understand that it is thanks to PM Netanyahu that Israel today is a world power, despite the world pressures to appease our enemies again and again.

That is why Netanyahu won the elections again.

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