Netanyahu has a simple yet powerful message about Iran for the American people

by Phil Schneider

The Iranian threat has been growing steadily for decades. During most of those decades, the State of Israel has been blessed with a Prime Minister who understands clearly how serious the threat is. He learned one the most important lessons of World War II. The lesson that when dictators threaten to annihilate other people or countries or races, they mean it. The only thing that will absolutely stop them is the force of military deterrence. Can economic pressure also accomplish this. Hopefully. But only if there is military deterrence that goes along with it.

The Secure America Now website takes a stand on many of the controversial national security issues of the day. They produced this short clip and other effective messages on national security. On Israel, they claim the following: “The U.S.-Israel relationship us under attack like never before from radical anti-Semites on the left. Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib regularly espouse rhetoric that is outright anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. ”

They boldly call on their supporters to stand with America’s greatest ally. The difference between Benjamin Netanyahu and so many other world leaders is the strong historical understanding that Benjamin Netanyahu has. He may not understand the Iranian Mullahs, but he knows well how to deal with their threats. He uses simple Western logic to make smart decisions, but he employs an understanding of Middle Eastern logic when judging Israel’s adversaries. Israel and the world are truly blessed to have a leader in the Middle East who can stand up, lead, and deliver.

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