Netanyahu Election Win Almost Finalized as He Deals with CoronaVirus

by Avi Abelow

Many Israeli leftists, who want to get rid of Netanyahu, have gone public saying how relieved they are that Netanyahu is the Israeli leader dealing with the growing coronavirus crisis. It seems that the politicians who hate Netanyahu and have been trying to topple him with a coup, partnering with an Israel-hating political party, did not get the memo. Their coup is a 100% failure and Netanyahu will most probably set up the next Government. Watch the video to find out what is really going on in Israel today.

Jews around the world just celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim by dressing up in costumes, drinking and being merry. The ultimate message of Purim is that nothing appears as it seems. Even though G-d is not mentioned once in the Purim story, he is actually behind the whole story! 

This is a deep message that applies to everything taking place around us today regarding fake news, lying politicians, the coronavirus etc. Very little of what we see and hear in the news actually reflects reality. So, here is what is actually going in Israel today…

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First of all, as of this moment, Israel might be totally closing down all educational institutions in Israel until further notice. It has not been decided yet, but the final decision is expected shortly. This is following Israel basically shutting down the whole tourism industry by mandating every person who enters the country to go into a 14 day quarantine. All tourists have canceled their flights. Airlines are cancelling flights. Hotels are empty and closing down. Tour guides are now out of work in addition to bus drivers, can drivers, tourist sites and attractions etc. Tourism is a huge part of the Israeli economy and this is already hitting the economy hard.

No, coronavirus is not Ike the flu. Just look at what’s happening in Italy where they woke up too late to the dangers of the coronavirus. Now they are having to do triage and having to decide not to treat the elderly because their hospitals don’t have enough resources. This is a very bad situation. Therefore Israel is taking drastic measures to contain the spread and not spiral into the devastating state like Italy.

The corona pandemic is also having an effect on Israeli politics. Israel still does not have a government because the hatred the leaders of the Blue & White Party and Liberman have for Bibi Netanyahu. They hate him so much they have been willing to set up a government with the anti-Israel joint Arab list, that includes terror supporters, instead of sitting with Netanyahu! 

They lied to the Israeli public that they wouldn’t sit with that terror supporting list, and most of their voters are furious. Those voters will totally punish them for lying, if we have to go for a fourth round of elections. But, I highly doubt we are going there.

Because Israel is now in a national crisis mode because of the coronavirus and its effect on the economy, there is tremendous pressure to set up a government. 

Since the leaders of Blue & White & Liberman have been exposed as liars, much of their supporters now want them to join a Netanyahu government in the national interest.

Nothing is finalized yet, but it definitely looks like we will have a government shortly and Netanyahu will continue to be the Prime Minister.

Bottom line, learn from the Purim story, don’t always believe what our eyes see and what our ears hear, and definitely don’t trust the fake news. Believe in the one above and follow his ways, that is the only thing in our lives we can trust 100%.

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