Israel May Shut Their Schools Over Coronavirus

by Gavriel Dan

While many people see Israel’s actions to contain the coronavirus as draconian, the Netanyahu government has taken extreme measures in order to get out in front of the infectious virus.

Covid-19 has decimated Italy and is beginning to wreck havoc in the rest of Western Europe and now the USA. The Prime Minister understands that Israel’s infrastructure will not be able to withstand massive amount of infected people.

Unlike the flu, whose deaths normally happen to those already in the hospital, Covid-19 is so infectious it puts and exponential amount of people in the ICU, overwhelming the healthcare system.

Since there is no vaccine, the only way to prevent its spread and mitigate its effects is to apply social separation. This is why the Israeli government is actively considering closing schools until Pesach.

With kids home and out of areas where a lot of people congregate, the rate of infection should begin to slow.

Dr. Risch

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