“Nation of Superheroes” – The Greatest Song Made About the Israeli People

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you want to know the unbelievable truth about the people of Israel? We are a nation of superheroes, and this proves it.

Nation of Superheroes

There is something very unique about the Israeli people. They are secretly superheroes. You won’t know it when you walk into a grocery store, a bank, a doctor’s office, or when you go to a concert of a popular Israeli singer. But underneath the uniforms of their daily jobs, they are Israeli soldiers who drop everything to defend the people of Israel. Israelis are part of a “nation of superheroes.”

This song by the band Hatikva 6 is called “Giborei Al” in Hebrew. That means “superheroes.” The way that this song talks about different people and their regular jobs and then what they become in a matter of seconds is mind-blowing. Even the most well-known stars of Israel put on their uniforms to fight. So the next time you come to Israel and see Israelis in stores, doctors offices, hiking, at a concert, or anywhere else, just know that you are walking amongst modern day heroes.

When the murderous attacks of October 7 happened, Israelis worldwide were trying to find the first flight home so they could come protect their people. Do you realize how remarkable and heroic that truly is? They WANTED to come back and fight and defend.

When the call comes, these superheroes are ready. And it’s a pretty amazing thing to be part of a nation that is full of superheroes waiting to put on their gear for the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland.

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