My Response to the Latest Terror Attacks in Jerusalem

by Hillel Fuld

How’s your day going? Because it’s 7:41 am here and multiple people waiting for a bus in Jerusalem are now being treated in the hospital for severe injuries after an Arab terrorist detonated a bomb at their bus stop. But you won’t hear about it so thought I should let you know.

And when I read the news of the attack, I asked my wife “Did you see the news?”

Her response? “Another Arab terror attack?”

That’s what we’ve come to, to expect another demented Palestinian trying to murder Jews every single day.

I hope the new gov does what it needs to do!

It’s sad that this even needs to be said. These were innocent Jews standing at a bus stop. They weren’t soldiers.
They weren’t “Settlers”. So what’s your excuse now? This is cold-blooded murder and the Arab who planted the bomb should get the death sentence. Period.

But plz tell me more about how the Palestinians want peace, a state, and not just dead Jews. Blowing up a bomb at a bus stop and an additional bomb on a bus in Jerusalem, does that sound like people who want peace? Tell me more about how we should not have a fence between us and them.

And to anyone who thinks that this terror is not encouraged and incentivized not by Hamas, but by the Palestinian Authority itself, plz understand that the families of these terrorists will now be receiving a monthly salary funded by the Palestinian Authority and US foreign aid.

And let me now predict what happens next. The Arabs in Gaza will give out candies on the streets. Israel will retaliate and then the Jew-haters will come out to play and claim that Israel attacked Gaza for no reason. They’ll quickly forget about this morning’s terror.

And this can’t be said enough times. There is no equal sign between Arab terrorists looking to kill as many innocent Jews as possible and the Israel DEFENSE forces that does whatever it needs to do to defend the citizens of Israel. Stop comparing.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Palestinian terror has zero to do with aspirations for a state or with some fabricated occupation. Palestinian terror is about dead Jews, the more the merrier. They say it, it’s time we start listening and believing what they say.

And if it’s still not clear how cruel and inhumane the Palestinian Authority is, last night, an Israeli citizen (Druze) entered a Palestinian city to fix his car, was in a car accident, and in the hospital, he was abducted by Palestinian terrorists. His body is still being held.

The family is saying that the man was still alive and connected to a respirator when the Palestinian terrorists disconnected him, killed him, and kidnapped him right in front of his family. We are waiting for more info and the fact that he was alive is still unconfirmed.

Whether he was still alive or dead when he was abducted, it is important that you understand that these Palestinian terrorists walked into a hospital in the Palestinian Authority, and right before everyone’s eyes, stole a body, How sick can people be? This isn’t human. Animals.

I don’t understand how no one is willing to read the Palestinian charter, which explicitly states why the Palestinian Authority was established in the first place.

Spoiler: It’s to kill as many Jews and drive Israelis into the sea. They don’t want a state, they want no Israel.
The question has been asked millions of times, but what would you expect your government to do if a citizen was abducted from a hospital, bombs were detonated in your capital, and there was a constant flow of terrorism in your streets? You’d expect them to eliminate the enemy.

What would you do if there were tens of thousands of rockets raining down on your citizens? Would you not expect your government to retaliate in order to deter the enemy from further terror?

Yes, yes you would.

But Israel? Somehow when Israel does it, It’s wrong.

It is official, there is now at least one casualty from this morning’s terror attack in Jerusalem. If you think that Palestinian terrorism is justified in any way, shape, or form, and you blame it on some fabricated occupation, you are no different than them. Terror is never OK.

Let me tell you what needs to happen now. We need to ignore the Palestinians giving out candies in the streets, we need to form a government, and that government needs to bring an iron fist down on the terrorists, their families, and their supporters. Zero mercy.

There is a very famous lesson in Jewish scripture that one who has mercy for the cruel ends up being cruel himself. Palestinian terrorists and their supporters need to be eliminated immediately. If that sentence offends you, go look for your moral compass.

And again, if you think this is about land, kindly explain to me how Israel removed all Jews from Gaza, handed it to the Palestinians on a silver platter, and the terrorism did not decrease. It increased, but sure, let’s give them more land and bring them closer to our citizens.

People have gotten so “woke” that the thought of killing terrorists and their supporters is offensive to them. My father likes to say “People have such open minds, their brains fell out.”

Terrorists need to be eliminated. Period.

In case you want to see what antisemitism on this platform looks like, go read the replies to my last few tweets. Words I’ve never even uttered in my entire life.

Well we know what it says about someone when they need to use profanity, they know they’re wrong.

I’m gonna start my day now with a broken heart for the victims and their families. This won’t stop till we realize who our enemies are and what they want. They state it clearly. This isn’t about land. Never was. It’s about radical Islam against the west.

Period. Full stop!

I was just told by a good friend that his daughter was one of the victims of this morning’s attack. She’s ok thank God, but these are not numbers, they are people. With families. An event like this changes their lives forever. How the global press doesn’t talk about this is sick.

You know what scares me most? How many “normal” people justify terrorism when the target is Jewish. Go read the replies to my tweets. Tens of people justifying today’s attacks. Sick world we live in.

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