Jewish Rapper Sends Blaring Message to Universities in Must-Hear Rap

by Leah Rosenberg

Rabbi Moshe Friedman, a Jewish rapper, struck gold with this song and message. He really hit the nail on the head.

Jewish Rapper Blasts Universities for G-dless Environment

Wow. This is a powerful rap song. The message is so deep and yet so simple. Rabbi Moshe Friedman has sent the world messages throughout his music. As a Jewish rapper, he has has also responded to antisemitism in a rap song.

People need to hear his message. They need to listen. The world cannot exist without G-d – literally. And for universities to try to erase religion and G-d is absolutely ludicrous. It is being spread all over – this idea that religion and G-d is bad. And this rap song is just the perfect response to all of that nonsense.

Lyrics to the Rap song

The university, Home of inclusion and diversity But also hypocritic in the first degree Full of progressive elites trying to Label me insane for my religious beliefs Not talkin bout extremes or a militant creed I mention G-d and they say who let the idiot speak So much for letting differing opinions compete The mob will chase you out by the skin of your teeth And no it isn’t new, walked into middle school Faced all the ridicule for saying I was spiritual Quickly learned to keep quiet, show no defiance And bow to the dogma of science Like, good thing that we’ve left the dark age Part ways with superstitious people used to stargaze But now we know very well Based on the research that G-d’s just a fairy tale, hold on, No I am not sold, Don’t know how the narrative ever caught hold Story’s full of plot holes, based on the way that you tell I’m supposed to think the universe created itself? No, see it’s based on physics, Well hold on a minute, something I’m missing, Tell me how the very laws of physics went and Willed themselves into existence? Come on, let’s be Real, let’s be honest Can biology explain being conscious? For all their discoveries the mystery rightly stands Do we have any clue to how life began? You say science will find all the answers, we just need wait I call that a leap of faith So when you criticize religion sounds deeply fake Tell me what about G-d do you really hate? What do you really hate? And when will you start to appreciate You’re acting more irrational than Most of the people you constantly try to humiliate Not so obvious it seems Your personal opinion that G-d is just a dream But let’s say there’s nothing more than molecules and genes And take your theory to its logical extreme Well, kiss true morality bye bye Right and wrong is meaningless without a G-d so why lie And if there’s nothing else after I die Then it doesn’t matter if I’m evil or a nice guy And justice is fiction so why try No fairness in a universe that couldn’t care less All the atheists who try their best, can’t ever Fill a G-d shaped hole with a few square pegs What did you expect to lose? With no G-d, There’s no free will and no objective truth, Life is just an empty ruse, Full of suffering, pain and immense abuse A pointless game that you don’t get to choose And when you die who will care what it meant to you? So you look with contempt at our demented views Of belief in a G-d we have yet to prove But proof is more than you can measure in a lab Something universities have yet to understand It’s more than a feeling, It’s more than leaps of faith and blind believing Cuz I see beauty and I see reason I see wonder and I see meaning And you can say it’s all a lie but I reject that Shame on you if you cannot respect that.

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