Must See: The Israeli Road That Brings Biblical Stories to Life

by Leah Rosenberg

Many people know a lot of the Biblical stories. But in Israel, you can actually take a journey through where these stories happened!

Route 60 – Biblical Highway Brings Biblical Stories to Life

The next time you visit Israel, make sure Route 60 is on your destination of places to visit. Look at all the Biblical stories that happened along this road! It’s truly remarkable.

In Israel, the Bible and its stories are more than just something that is talked about. The Bible is something that is felt at every moment. The steps that Jews take in Israel are different than the steps taken outside of the ancient Jewish homeland. Outside of Israel, you cannot go visit the place where David was anointed King. You cannot pray by the Cave of the Patriarchs if you are in America. You cannot visit where our foremother Rachel was buried if you are in England. And you cannot walk in the very same paths and places that our forefathers walked if you are in Australia.

Israel is more than just a piece of land, and the Bible is more than just a history book. It is G-d’s word that we follow. It is our instruction for life. And it is our history as a nation. Israel, the Bible (G-d), and the Jewish nation are supposed to live together hand in hand.

So come visit Israel’s Biblical highway. And maybe make your visit more than just a visit. The Jewish people in Israel are waiting for their brothers and sisters to come home from all over the world!

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