Must Hear Jewish Rap Song That Will Change Your View on Life

by Leah Rosenberg

One of the best Jewish rap songs you’ll ever hear. It is based off the original version of “Thank you Hashem,” thanking G-d for everything.

Jewish Rap Song Thanking G-d

This is truly a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. Jewish rap can be extremely meaningful, especially when it is sang by Ari Lesser. When we are grateful, our lives can change. When we change our perspective, life can truly be better. G-d gives us so much, and how often do we take the time to genuinely thank Him? We sometimes don’t think to thank him for the seemingly small things, and this song reminds us that we should be thanking G-d for every single thing we have and can do. We even need to thank Him for the times that seem a little darker because He only does what is best for each and every one of us.


I Give thanks to the Universal One
Give thanks for the moon and stars and sun
Give thanks for the Earth on which we live
Give thanks for the bounty she can give
Give thanks for the tree and the fruit it grows
Give thanks for the cup that overflows
Give thanks for the food and drink and air
Give thanks there’s more than enough to share
Give thanks for the extra we can spare
Give thanks for the clothes we have to wear
Give thanks for the comfort of our beds
Give thanks for the roof above our heads.

There’s so much I’m grateful for
Today a cannot ask for more
I have my heart, my soul, my strength
This life is blessed so I give thanks.

Give thanks to the Only Source Of All
Give thanks for the big and for the small
Give thanks from the lows to the highest height
Give thanks for the dark and for the light
Give thanks for the times of joy and song
Give thanks for the pain that keeps us strong
Give thanks because we’re still alive
Give thanks this moment has arrived
Give thanks our path has brought us here
Give thanks we lived another year
Give thanks for the past we left behind
And give thanks for the future we will find.

Give thanks to Infinite Most High
Give thanks no matter how or why
Give thanks in every time and place
Give thanks we’re part of the human race
Give thanks for the people that we meet
Give thanks for the neighbors on our street
Give thanks for the teachers that we had
Give thanks for every mom and dad
Give thanks for the family that we got
Give thanks for the friends we like a lot
Give thanks for the ones who we hold dear
Give thanks that those we love are hear.

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