Hundreds Protest in Beer Sheba After Israeli Arab Bedouin Murders Four Jews in Cold Blood

by Leah Rosenberg

Such a brutal terror attack. Four innocent Israeli Jews were murdered in Beer Sheba by an Israeli Arab Bedouin “teacher.”

Four Killed in Beer Sheba Terror Attack

After four innocent Israelis were murdered in Beer Sheba, masses came out to protest. They sang to G-d and showed how strong the Jewish people truly are. Terrorism will not scare us away or make us leave our homeland. It will only make us stronger.

But we need to stop that terrorism. Our leaders do. Our leaders need to stop ignoring the violence. The progressive leadership of the security forces prefer to put pressure on Jewish leaders about keeping “our heads down” instead of gathering all the illegal, stolen weapons in the Arab Bedouin communities and stopping their daily violence and terror against Israeli citizens, drivers on the road, businesses etc.

It was civilians that shot and killed that terrorist, preventing him from doing further harm.

This attack left many orphans. It left many people mourning their loved ones. It left others wounded. Enough is enough. No more daily terror in Israel. No more terror at all! No more orphans and widows or parents left without their children.

Here is more on the daily violence by Arab Bedouins:

Caroline Glick on Settlements

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