Muslim woman attacks Jews on NYC subway

by Leah Rosenberg

Can you believe something like this can happen on an NYC subway, and people just stare? No one helps? Antisemitism keeps getting worse and worse.

Not the Typical NYC Subway Ride

Many people take an NYC subway daily. There are people of all colors and faiths that ride the subway. People should be accepting of the diversity. But this Muslim woman verbally attacked an older Jewish man, saying the most vile things you can imagine. And then when an Israeli woman tried to tape it to show the horrors, the Muslims woman got violent. She was violent physically and verbally toward the Israeli woman. It is just horrific to see what the Muslim woman said and did.

Why Didn’t Anyone Help?

Why did people just stand by and watch? Why didn’t anyone help the Jewish man and the Israeli Jewish woman? They just watched. They just listened. The bystanders did nothing helpful. It really makes you wonder what was going through their minds…

And on top of that, the mainstream media never reported this horrific antisemitic attack. Are Jews not worthy of their news coverage?

Stand Up and Fight

The Jewish people are not weak. Lihi, the Israeli woman who stood up to defend her fellow Jew, wants to give a message to all Jews: Fight back! Do not stand by and let yourself or your fellow Jews be the victims. We deserve better. We ARE better. The Jews are a strong nation who can defend themselves. So show that to the world.

Dr. Risch

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