Muslim who almost became terrorist confronts antisemitism at the UN

by Leah Rosenberg

Meet Kasim Hafeez, the Pakistani Muslim who almost became a terrorist. And now he is slamming the antisemitism at the UN!

Antisemitism at the UN

Kasim Hafeez is a British Muslim of Pakistani origin. He has since converted to Christianity. Hafeez grew up hating Israel and almost became a terrorist. What a different path that would have been! Not only is he not a terrorist, but today, he is a huge supporter of the Jewish state. He has dedicated his time and energy to advocating for Israel.

And he is also speaking up at the United Nations. The antisemitism at the UN is incessant. Hafeez has called out the UN for its treatment of Israel. But will the UN listen? If people won’t listen to someone like Kasim Hafeez, who will they listen to?

Israel is a Free Country

As Kasim says, he was taught lies about Israel. After learning the truth, he discovered Israel is a free and democratic country. It is a country that gives equal rights to all people. So why is the United Nations ignoring that? Why do they single out Israel? Hafeez is a proud defender of Israel, and it is reassuring to hear a voice like his speak up at a place with such extreme Israel and Jew hatred!

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