Muslim Terrorists Take Over The Temple Mount On Israel’s Independence Day

by Micha Gefen

Despite the fact that Israel “respected” the Muslim holy days by forbidding Jews from visiting the Jewish people’s holiest site for 13 days, Muslims desecrate it again when Jews return to visit it on Israel’s Independence Day.

Radical muslims broke in to Al Aqsa and ransacked the site, desecrating their very own “holy” site. They also attack Jewish worshipers.

Israel security services dispersed the rioters, but Islamic radicals are clearly driving the ship on the ground.

The rioters were soon repulsed and entered the mosque, where, as usual in recent times, began to riot and throw objects from the Mosque out to the mount plaza, causing damage to the mosque and desecrating it. During the dispersal of the rioters, one police officer suffered minor injuries. At this time, visits continue as normal without interruption to worshippers who are on the Temple Mount, and security forces continue to secure and maintain order in the area.

 In recent days, incitement to violence has been spread on social media, combined with many false publications about the Temple Mount, in order to stir up the area and incite violence and disorder.

 These publications are distributed, among other things, by terrorist organizations that try to use the Temple Mount and young people to serve their purposes. *Those behind the fake news are attempting to incite and escalate during a sensitive period by spreading lies and rumors. 

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