Israel On The Hunt For The Terrorists Who Killed Three Jews

by Micha Gefen

Israeli security services are still on the hunt for 2 “palestinian” arab terrorists who axed three Jews to death in the Chareidi city of Elad, which is situated near Petach Tikvah.

It is believed that the terrorists who are residents in “palestinian” villages in Judea and Samaria fled back to the area in search for safe havens.

Meanwhile, the victims were laid to rest.

The wife of Yonatan Havakuk, a 44-year-old father of five who was killed said the following on Facebook: “My heart refuses to believe that I have been left alone with five orphans. My heart is burning, that my young child saw his father during his last moments. My husband fought against them with great heroism and saved many people during the time he was fighting them for long minutes.”

Israel’s security situation continues to deteriorate as the Bennett government falls apart, hanging by a thread.

Col. Kemp

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