Israel’s Ex-Mossad Head Admits That Israel Was Behind Attacks On Iran

by Gavriel Dan

Yossi Cohen, the outgoing Mossad chief admitted on Israeli national tv that the Mossad was responsible for a number of attacks against Iran in connection with their nuclear program.

From the removal of thousands of important and classified documents connected to Tehran’s nuclear program to the assassination of the chief architect of Iran’s nuclear program, the Mossad is said to be involved in most of them.

Yossi Cohen stood out amongst many of the previous Mossad heads as he stood in the public’s eye far more than any before

Now that Yossi Cohen has left the Mossad, there are rumors that he will make an entry into Israeli politics and try to run for the leadership of Likud, if and when Bibi Netanyahu retires. In a recent poll, Yossi Cohen garnered the most support from Likudniks.

Given the weakness of the incoming coalition, the chances of another election remain high. Whether it is Bibi Netanyahu returning to leading the country with Yossi Cohen at his side or Cohen himself as Prime Minister, it appears it is only a matter of time.

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