Mob of Migrants Storm US Border at San Ysidro Port of Entry In San Diego

by Avi Abelow

The caravan of migrants, that the progressives said would never happen, has finally come through Mexico to storm the US border. This is not a humanitarian crisis. This is an assault on national identities, national borders, and the sovereignty of nations. Hence, the United Nations just passed a resolution calling migration a right.  That in essence erases the rights of a sovereign nation to protect its borders.

Migrants broke through this wooden fence to try and cross into the US via the train tracks.  Now, riot police have to push them back.  The border crossing remains closed and the migrants have nowhere to go but to turn around and go back

Progressives complained about the attention the Trump administration gave to the caravan of migrants crossing Mexico. For weeks they said, “Why is President Trump making a big deal of migrants who are crossing through Mexico?  It’s not like they are on the US border trying to get in.” Now that these illegal migrants are trying to illegally enter into the USA, they protest the US use of tear gas to push them away.

Tweets That Say It All

Netanyahu’s strong stance on open borders and migrants

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