Miss South Africa Did Something Greater Than Being Crowned 2nd Runner Up

by Leah Rosenberg

Miss South Africa may have a prestigious name to her accomplishments. But she has accomplished something far greater that didn’t get a title.

Miss South Africa is a Winner

Miss South Africa may not have been crowned Miss Universe, but she did receive 2nd runner up. And that is not even her greatest accomplishment. Not even close.

The fact that she chose to come to Israel despite death threats is extremely courageous. The fact that she chose not to give in to the public pressure from some of her own people in South Africa is what is worthy of the news headlines. It is not easy to swim against the tide. To do the right thing in the face of so much adversity takes more courage than some people feel they have. When you hear her speak, you know she made a difficult choice. The right choice is not always the easiest.

But Miss South Africa found that courage. She found that courage to go to the one and only Jewish state despite the backlash and the threats. THAT is deserving of a crown. THAT is deserving of a special and prestigious title. That is what is truly important. Some people might believe in what Miss South Africa did but not have the boldness to act and do what’s right themselves.

What she chose to do will never be forgotten. The bravery she showed throughout the entire process will be remembered by everyone. Maybe she even gave others the courage to stand up for what’s right.

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