How Close Is The Middle East To War?

by Micha Gefen

From the Beirut blast to Hezbollah’s tiff with Israel in the north, the Middle East, especially the Levant appears to be on the edge of war.

While it is true that neither Hezbollah nor Israel want a conflict right now, the US appears to see the rising tensions as the beginning of a large conflict with Iran.

Regardless if the mega blast in Beirut was simply a bad accident due to ineptitude or something more nefarious, like ingredients for Hezbollah bomb making, the blast may have been the key to tilting the region towards war.

The chaos that is Lebanon has now effectively revealed what all of us in our gut has known – that it is Hezbollah that is truly in control. While they may not want a war, the fall out from the destruction of the blast may require them to redirect anger towards Israel.

The coming days and weeks will be tense. Israel will must continue its bombing of Iranian sites in Syria regardless of Lebanon’s condition. However, it is Hezbollah that may utilize the moment for their Iranian overlords.

Motivation for Terror
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