Meet the smallest soldiers fighting on the front lines in the IDF

by Leah Rosenberg

Who is fighting on the front lines in the IDF? Well, of course the brave Israeli soldiers. But find out what else is being used!

Robots on the Front Lines in the IDF

The IDF has some of the most advanced technology to help fight against terrorism and to protect itself. One of these pieces of technology is a robot that fights on the front lines in the IDF. Before soldiers enter a potentially dangerous place, the robots can inspect the area. They are an important part of the IDF. These robots can help save lives!

Difference between IDF & Terrorists

There are obviously many differences between the IDF and terrorists. But one major difference is the fact that Israelis value life and the Muslim terrorists do not. Israelis want to save and protect as many lives as possible – amongst themselves and civilians on the other side. On the other hand, the Muslim terrorists try to destroy as many lives as possible – their own lives and Israeli lives. There is no such thing as a suicide bomber in the IDF. That is a horrific role that shows what someone values. Because the terrorists do not value life, they promote blowing oneself up in order to kill Israelis. But Israelis would never do such a thing.

And that is why a robot in the IDF is so valuable. It helps protect the Israeli soldiers by surveilling the area BEFORE soldiers enter!

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