Maritime Deal Between Israel and Lebanon Stalls – IDF Prepares For War

by Micha Gefen

The US has been trying to broker a maritime border deal between Israel and Lebanon for months. Any sort of solution. seemed far away until Lapid and Gantz accepted the last deal the US proposed even though it gave Lebanon everything it wanted.

Despite getting everything it wanted, Lebanon appears ready to demand even more. So far Israel has rejected any sort of changes and continues to hold strong. In response to a potential breakdown of the deal, Israel is already preparing far armed conflict with Hezbollah.

The deal would have seen Lebanon take full control over the Kana Gas Field and in return for Israel’s retreat, Lebanon would simply pay Israel some sort of royalties for the gas. The deal has been panned by everyone across the political spectrum in Israel.

Lapid’s decision to accept the deal may in fact cost him the premiership.

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