London man chokes and punches pregnant Jewish woman in broad daylight

by Leah Rosenberg

How can someone be so sick? Watching this London man bag, choke, and punch a pregnant Jewish woman is disturbing and terrifying.

London Man Perpetrates Sick Attack

There are no words for this. It is sickening to watch this London man attack an innocent, pregnant Jewish woman. How can someone have so much hatred that they would do such a terrible thing? And in broad daylight! This vicious man had no fear. He didn’t care if people saw his sin. He didn’t care if someone witnessed how evil he is.

This man deserves consequences. He should be jailed. If he is willing to do something so vile like choke and punch a pregnant woman, he is willing to do much worse as well.

Antisemitism is still raging in 2021. When will it end? Why should a Jew have to walk through the streets of London, New York, or anywhere else and fear that he might be attacked?

Dr. Risch

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