Lebanese Soldiers Shoot at Israeli Drone

by Avi Abelow

The Lebanese army said it opened fire on three Israeli drones that entered flew over the Israeli border into Lebanese airspace on Wednesday night. You can hear the gunshots, as Lebanese people look on and film, in the video footage above,

The IDF confirmed the Lebanese Armed Forces’ claims.

“Gunfire was heard from Lebanese territory toward the area where IDF drones were flying. The drones completed their mission, and no damage was caused,” the IDF said.

The Lebanese army issued a statement that “The army confronted it and fired at it, forcing it to retreat.” Video footage from the scene shows Lebanese soldiers firing their rifles into the night sky.

Just a few days ago Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah vowed to blow Israeli UAVs out of the sky if they would fly into Lebanese airspace.

“The time — in which Israeli planes come and bombard a place in Lebanon and the usurping entity of Palestine remains secure — has ended,” he said. “From now on, we will confront the Israeli drones in Lebanon’s skies… and we will take action to bring them down.”

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