Labour Party leader lies about ethnic cleansing in Gaza

by Leah Rosenberg

The Labour Party leader lies about Israel time and time again. Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely insane with the way he talks about Israel and the Jews!

Labour Party leader lies

Seeing a headline titled “Labour party leader lies” is not something new. Sadly, Jeremy Corbyn is a racist. He is an anti-semite. And it is frightening that he leads the Labour Party. His own party members have resigned from Labour because of the antisemitism that has been rampant in that party!

It is not only that his entire being screams antisemitism, but he is spreading total lies about the Jewish state.

Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza?

What strong words these are that Corbyn used in 2009! And he was completely wrong. Actually, Israel had left Gaza four years before that. And the place where he said there has been ethnic cleansing has actually grown year after year.

It is concerning that he is in a place of such influence. People hear his words. They listen. And then they believe him. They believe the false narratives about Israel and the Jewish people.


Israel defends itself. That is all. Defending oneself is not called “ethnic cleansing.” Does Jeremy Corbyn have any idea what goes on in Israel? Has he seen what Hamas has done? The rockets? Fire kites? Terror tunnels? What would Corbyn do if it was his country?

Well, apparently he thinks Hamas is his “friend,” as he has mentioned before. It seems like he would not mind letting them into his country. England better watch out…

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