Knesset Member Warns Israeli Arabs: Don’t Push Us Too Far!

by Micha Gefen

MK General Gallant of the Likud gave a rousing speech in the Knesset, warning Israeli Arabs to stop the violence – or else.

The exponential increase in Arab violence over the last few months has sparked an outrage among the Jewish public and is now reaching the Knesset. MK General Yoav Gallant, known for his rightwing views and straightforward speaking style warned the Israeli Arab public to not “cross the red line” with their growing violence.

“If we see an increase in incidents where because we are Jews, we are attacked by a minority, an unprecedented phenomenon worldwide, the minority never attacks the the majority. If you continue down this path we will be forced to act and having no choice is the Jewish People’s most powerful weapon. We have nowhere to go. We’ve already been in Germany, Iraq, and North Africa. We’ve seen the price of it and we don’t want to go anywhere.”

“If you lead us to a point where we have to take our hands out of our pockets, remove our gloves, the price will be heavy.”

With the Likud inching closer to toppling the Bennett-Abbas government, Gallant’s words are a serious assertion and powerful warning to Israeli arabs – Don’t mess around!

Col. Kemp

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