Kamala Harris Praises Antisemitic Student Who Falsely Accuses Israel of Genocide

by Leah Rosenberg

Vice President Kamala Harris has proven her true colors once again. Friend of Israel? Think again. Antisemite? Absolutely.

VP Kamala Harris Nods in Agreement to Antisemitic Student

Yes, this incident matters. Because Kamala Harris is the VICE PRESIDENT of the United States, Israel’s strongest ally. Instead of defending Israel against the lies of this antisemitic student, instead of defending Israel against blood libels that are spread, she nodded in agreement. Harris said, “Your truth cannot be suppressed.”

Seriously? When someone shares incorrect facts, when someone lies, we don’t tell them they are right and have their own perspective. Of course everyone is entitled to opinions. But no one is entitled to share blood libels about the one and only Jewish state. We call that antisemitism, not “perspective and truth.” Israel does not commit genocide and never has. Any statistic quoted about many “Palestinian” casualties leaves out important truths – like the fact that those casualties are terrorists. Or that Hamas shoots thousands of rockets at Israel and Israel is forced to respond with force. It is Hamas that puts “Palestinians” at risk of being killed, not Israel. It is Hamas that uses human shields and hides behind women and children. VP Harris wouldn’t last a minute having thousands of rockets fired at her and her family, and neither would this antisemitic student.

Kamala Harris has failed Israel once again.


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