The UN Shamefully Considers Adding Taliban to U.N. Women’s Rights Commission

by Phil Schneider

The United Nations is a very important concept. But instead of the nations coming together for positive change, there are countless examples of where the United Nations is basically just a collection of representatives of countries from all over the world who make believe they are doing something important.

The biggest violations of human rights are in radical Arab countries like Iran and Afghanistan. Women’s rights in these countries are basically non-existent. So little exists in the way of opportunity for these women. But more than anything, they are all basically in jail and cannot choose to make a change.

So should the UN be disbanded? No, but a change needs to be made in this well-funded massive organization. It needs to become less politicized and filled with more role models that truly will serve as voices for the oppressed who need a voice to follow. Appointees should be made by each nation, but the trend should become that working at the UN is less a diplomatic scene, and more a scene for famous role models who are looking for an international venue to spread their messages.

Women’s rights should be championed at the UN. But this will not happen with Taliban representatives. It is worse than shameful – it’s pathetically sad – almost funny. The UN is sorely in need of a face-lift. Only then will it be treated differently.

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