Justice Ginsburg’s Death Pushes America To The Brink of Civil War

by Micha Gefen

A Second American Civil War was once a fringe viewpoint. However, with the court after Justice Ginsburg’s death now deadlocked at 4-4 and a series of judgements almost guaranteed to be necessary after the election, this possibility is no longer out of the realm of possibility.

President Trump faces a damned if you do and damned if you don’t decision on nominating another Supreme Court pick right before the election. On one hand if he nominates a pick he risks losing the nominating fight at a critical moment. On the other hand if he waits and the vote comes down to 4-4 on any election related case then America would be plunged into anarchy and an internal battle for control.

While we cannot know the future and an almost infinite set of possibilities exist, the rhetoric inside America is driving the sides against each other at a time when a debilitating election is at hand.

Blood Libel
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