Judicial Reform Paused, Ben Gvir Gives Netanyahu One Month To Get It Passed

by David Mark

After a night of violent riots led by State Department funded professionals, Netanyahu faced the daunting task of passing the Judicial Reform package while the country’s elites began shutting down Israel’s ability to function.

From universities to hospitals to the airport, the union bosses began to show Netanyahu what happens when there is an attempt by the rightwing to truly govern. Even Netanyahu’s lawyer threatened to stop representing him if he followed through on the reforms.

By midmorning a decision was made to freeze the reforms until the Knesset’s Spring session. However, most of the cabinet disagreed. Led by Itamar Ben Gvir, the right flank of the government would not support Netanyahu’s decision until Ben Gvir forced the Prime Minister to sign a written agreement that by the Spring session Judicial Reform will be voted on.

So what is really going on?

As I have written before, the leftwing protest movement in Israel is being professionally funded by foreign actors. This is not to say that all the protestors are professionals, but the leadership is certainly being propped up by Biden’s State Department and Soros’ New Israel Fund. Their goal is to topple the duly elected rightwing government. If they are not able to do that then crippling Israel would be a good second goal.

The fact is, the left has been dying for decades in Israel, but they have held onto power by grasping important positions like being the heads of various trade unions, universities, communications companies and running the Supreme Court. Netanyahu first attempted to break them in the early 2000s when he headed up the Finance Ministry. He was largely successful at opening up the economy, but was not able to remove them from other leadership positions.

What we are witnessing in Israel is the clash between two Israel’s – one interested in holding onto power in order to keep their hollow Eurostyle lifestyle going and the other a far more Jewish one that wants to bring Israel to the next level in its development by reinvigorating its soul and character. The first step in doing this, is by taking back the reigns of power and then pushing out foreign influence that has controlled the State for decades.

Netanyahu has one month to figure out how to draw out the protest leaders and crush their organizational structure. By doing so the government will be able to pass each law in the Judicial Reform package on its own. If he cannot do that – Ben Gvir will most likely bolt leaving Netanyahu hanging.

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