Israel Experiencing BLM/Antifa Moment

by Avi Abelow

Last night the heads of the Israeli police in Tel Aviv marched and led the anti-democracy protestors on the main highway in Tel Aviv. Instead of stopping them and arresting them, they led them.

Now heads of Universities, Hospital directors and workers unions are planning on shutting down the country unless the law to neuter the veto power of Supreme Court judges to choose other Supreme Court judges is stopped.

I want everyone to take a moment and imagine that all these anarchist protests aimed at literally bringing down the country, were led by right-wingers or the religious. What would happen?

Well, we don’t have to imagine. Back in 2005 the right/religious protested in the streets to stop the disasterous Gaza disengagement/expulsion plan.

The legal establishment announced that anyone who blocks a road is considered treasonous according to the law. They arrested young 13 year-old teenagers and threw them into jail. They called for teenagers to be re-educated. They stopped buses on the roads so that they wouldn’t even succeed in getting to the protests. They arrested the people who planned the efforts to block roads and locked them up for months until after the Gaza expulsion was finished. The media made out the protestors and the protest movement to be treasonous.

Now look at the way the anarchist left is coddled by the legal establishment in bringing down the country, supported by top police officials, and emboldened by the media reporting.

Any hypocrisy between the two protest movements?

Today, more than ever, more people understand that today’s protest movement has nothing to do with the judicial reform, which could be easily debated and negotiated democratically in Knesset committee hearings. It has everything to do with a power struggle to bring down this first-ever historic, right-wing government intent on making the necessary changes to end this blatant anti-democratic leftist stranglehold on Israel.

The leaders of the left are literally willing to destroy our country to not lose power. Destroy the economy, destroy the army to no longer serve and not even listen to orders to attack Iran, and even destroy civil society by shutting down hospitals!

Welcome to the anti-democratic political left, and their literal terror tactics, that too many right-wing and center oriented Jews have been brainwashed by their campaign of utter lies and misinformation to support.

What we are really experiencing is an anti-democratic leftist coup with literal terror. Just the media is not reporting it properly because they are in on it.

Don’t worry. Even if Bibi pauses the reform, the true left has exposed their absolute anti-democratic face for all of Israel to see in every industry that runs the country.

Now there will be more support than ever to replace them. It’s a slow process, but it will happen.

The anti-Jewish political left leadership has used its doomsday weapon and everyone knows it. Appeasing it now will not end their terror campaign, but it will give the right the understanding that they can never appease it again. The anti-Jewish left leadership won’t be able to stop the process to replace them.

It is all good people. Most Jews part of the protests are not a part of this. They are just brainwashed by the fear campaign of lies and misinformation, so they joined. We will get through this. Painful. But we will get through it.

This is a wake up process and it is necessary. While things now look downright scary, the good times are coming.

What Good are Elections?

One thing Israelis are learning today is that elections are meaningless when the right wins. Plenty of people are today questioning whether to vote ever again. As we are seeing that the political left will use any means necessary, even the self-destruction of a country and anarchy to stop the right, despite election results.

Obviously, I believe we have to keep on voting until we have the right leadership and timing to make the necessary changes and overcome the absolute duplicity and hypocrisy of the political left. That day will come. Hopefully very soon.

Understand, we in Israel are today experiencing our BLM and Antifa movement.

The hypocrisy of the political left screams to high heavens, and people believe their lies. I don’t blame them, as that’s what they are being told in the media day in and day out. Why shouldn’t people believe the lies?

The media has been screaming about “religious coercion” for decades as the the anti-Jewish legal system has been coercing an anti-Jewish progressive agenda on the country. And that’s just one example. The meme below highlights the absolute hypocrisy and brilliance of the political left.

Believe it or not, this is a similar conflict and wake-up process that is taking place across the anti-religious progressive Western world.

We are all in this together. And we will win, even though it looks hopeless and is painful.

How do I know we will win? Because man can’t beat the Almighty Above, no matter how destructive, deceitful and successful they are at any given moment :)))

Hold on to your faith and to the truth, while pushing away the blatant lying campaigns of the media.

The voices of true unity and goodness will win!

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

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buddyboy March 27, 2023 - 10:17 pm

As with most countries around the world today it is always the media who always gives a biased report and it is usually their own or paid from the higher ups. All word of mouth passed along the grape vine and 90% of it is mostly FICTION.

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