Jordan Peterson Educates a Climate Change Activist

by Phil Schneider

Jordan Peterson is asked if there are any challenges that are just too big for the individual solve. Once he hears somebody begin to talk about how a problem is just too great to solve, Jordan is the best at bringing things back down to the basics.

The basic concept that a person who doesn’t have their own house in order should not focus on fixing the world is so impossible to argue with. How many people in the world spend so much time pontificating about how to fix the world while there own personal lives are in shambles? It’s unfortunate but true that so many people with great ideas about the rest of the world have so few ideas when it comes to their own lives.

Jordan is indeed the moral compass for so many people because he cuts right through the trivialities that so many people fixate on, and just focuses on what truly matters. The most important things in the world are not often focused on enough. Our families, and our basic attitudes to the many vicissitudes of life – these are the things that truly matter. There are people in the world who may not seem able to change the world, but actually are doing more to better the world than so many others. What do they spend their time doing? They focus on what truly matters. They invest time and effort in their family. They invest time and effort in improving their moral compass. They take responsibility. Those are the people that actually change the world more than all of the other people who talk the game but don’t really practice it. Keep up the great work Dr. Peterson.

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