Joe Biden’s World Is Crashing Down

by Micha Gefen

If Joe Biden loses the election to President Trump, Democrats will point to Hunter Biden as the former VP’s weak link. Hunter’s shady business deals and love of crack cocaine and prostitutes has now been published for the whole world to see with just under 3 weeks t go in the election. Welcome to the real October Surprise.

For the entirety of this campaign, Joe Biden has insisted that he had no connection to Hunter’s activities. Leaked emails now show that this narrative ahs been a lie. In fact, both Bidens are just plain shady and as Deep State as it gets.

The Burisma issue that showed up at Trump’s impeachment has now blown up with Joe Biden being the central player in that affair. Imagine, if another elected leader used his power to destroy or prevent money from reaching another ally in order to help a family member’s business dealings with said country. This of course was the reason Trump was impeached. Trump did nothing wrong, but now it is clear Biden did and has been lying about it ever since.

Things are about to get far crazier as the Democrats know that if Trump wins, he will put them in jail.

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