Joe Biden’s Presidency is about to Completely Collapse

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden’s puppet Presidency is not fooling that many people anymore. Jobs numbers are so horrible that many “Reagan Democrats” are realizing that the federal government is now such a central force in the lives of Americans that they are losing many of their basic freedoms. But the Democrat Party has continued it’s freefall, and 2022 will very probably be the year of the big wakeup when the Republicans take back Congress.

The description of Biden’s Presidency as “elder abuse” is a stark yet accurate statement. Biden is unable to perform after sunset. This should be enough of a reason for him to step down. But as with other dementia patients, they tend to insist that they are fine. But in truth, they are not. And of course, they should not be in major positions of leadership, and definitely not in the Oval Office.

But there are another 3 more years of this charade. Otherwise, we’ll have Kamala running our lives. Keep your eye out for an impressive candidate for Kamala Harris’ successor. Kamala may very well become the first female President. But she may agree to walk away in 2024 rather than deal with a grueling election in 2024.

Dr. Risch

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