Jewish Women Assaulted by Corbyn Thugs at North London Event

by Avi Abelow

Antisemitism is in the process of becoming institutionalized today in Britain thanks to Jews being forbidden entry to Corbyn events.

No Jews Allowed

Ambrosine Yolanda Shitrit was one of the Jewish protestors assaulted. Even though the event was billed as an event open to the public, Shitrit was not allowed into the event because her name sounded Jewish. They forbid all the Jews from entering the event. In the end Shitrit succeeded in entering the event and videoing it, because she ended up telling them a false name.

Let this sink in, Jewish people were forbidden from entering a “public” event in England. This is a huge red flag for British people to wake up and realize that British society is destroying itself. History is quite clear that any country that allows antisemitism to become a societal norm, ends of self-destructing.

Ambrosine’s Personal Post About the Event

“A Corbyn antisemitism and Palestine meeting ! This was billed as a public meeting no tickets required – I went in and was Told not to film and after about 5 minutes into the talk with Ben Jamal of PSC I was Turfed out of this meeting by the same woman who had me in a list at their red lion square event using my real name . Others also removed
The workers Liberty are an an amalgam
of the PSC momentum labour and the SWP with a little of the JVP thrown in
Before I was kicked out .. i had my say”

Ambrosine also posted the following on her facebook page:
These were being given out last night .
This isn’t about Corbyn labour it’s the takeover by the PSC which Jeremy leads and is a Patron of
Therefore it is much more dangerous
At previous events of workers liberty, stand against racism
Leaflets were being distributed . The next event . The UAF /SAR have no love for the wrong kind of Jewish people. Those who support Israel hence momentum and workers libertys fear of us being in their meetings . We were not making a noise but listening to their lies and deceit . That’s what makes them
Jittery. That’s why Corbyn is dangerous . His red green alliance organisations
Slowly being unravelled with their violence & intimidation

New Israeli Prime Minister
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