Jewish Homes Destroyed in Binyamin Hills

by Avi Abelow

This neighborhood has been repeatedly destroyed since its founding in 2007 in memory of Esther Galia, who was shot and killed by terrorists on her way home to Kochav Hashachar. Each time, residents return and rebuild, undeterred. The Jewish-Zionist was has always been, our enemies kill us to expel us from our homes, so our answer is to build more Jewish communities!

A local resident commented bitterly during a previous round of demolitions, “To the government of Israel and to the nations of the world, Maoz Esther is ‘illegal.’ As for the Bedouin encampment on the next hill over, just as ‘illegal,’ nobody seems to mind. It is my guess that if anyone would try to knock that one down, every single government in the world would condemn Israel.”

This is the sad reality we are experiencing in Israel. Arabs illegally build tens of thousands of illegals buildings throughout Judea & Samaria, with financial support from the EU, yet Israel does almost nothing against these illegal structures. Yet, Jewish homes are demolished even with questionable legal issues. This discrimination against Jewish building, in our own homeland, by our own forces, all to appease foreign pressure, is totally wrong.

Nati Rom is a pioneer in Judea & Samaria standing up for the rights of the Jews and the State of Israel in our ancestral heartland. He is helping the young Jews rebuild their homes in our heartland. To support the work of Nati in our heartland click here.

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