Jewish college in NY set on fire and covered with a Swastika

by Leah Rosenberg

A Yeshiva, a Jewish institution, was set on fire in Upstate New York. The front was plastered with a swastika. What century are we living in?


A yeshiva is a place where Jews learn Jewish texts and learn about God. It is a place of holiness. And one yeshiva in Upstate New York has been hit hard by antisemitism. Cruel people set it on fire, painted a swastika on the front and scribbled swastikas on the walls along with SS letters. How can this be happening in 2019? We are not in Nazi Germany. Indeed, these are the acts of the vicious Nazis, yet it is tragically still happening today.

A Yeshiva is a place dedicated to serving God, and anyone who wants to destroy that certainly has no moral conscience. How can anyone actively try to harm a place of God? A place where the Bible is studied? A place of love, religion, dedication, and growth? It is devastating.

The Jews Stay Strong

What is so amazing is the Jewish people’s response. You see here that the Jews responded by singing out to God. They don’t respond with hate. On the contrary, they respond to destruction with building; hate with love; war with peace. It is just the nature of the Jewish people to stay strong and continue forward. And you can see that in this video. You can see how the Jews are sad but not broken. Hurt but not left in despair. They remain hopeful that a day will come when these heinous acts will no longer happen. There will be no more fear. And they will be able to serve God without these gruesome interruptions.

Col. Kemp

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