Jewish Child Attacked in broad daylight on famous LA street

by Leah Rosenberg

When a Jewish child is attacked for absolutely no reason, the world should be outraged. And then listen to what the other man says after!

Jewish Child Attacked in Broad Daylight

This is Melrose Ave, a famous street in Los Angeles. The fact that this man had the cruelness to punch a young Jewish child in public like that is sickening. People like that don’t care what anyone thinks! It was the middle of the day! And then afterward, another man comes and says that he wants to kill the boy’s entire family.

The man who punched the child was white. The man who said he wants to kill the boy’s entire family was Black. Hate comes from all people and all angles. Antisemitism is sadly not only plaguing one skin color or one religion. It is everywhere.

And all there is from the world is silence. Because the world doesn’t care when it’s a Jew being attacked. It is terrifying that antisemitism has become the new normal. When will it end?

Dr. Risch

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