Jewish anti-Zionist activists caught red handed

by Leah Rosenberg

It is just sad when a Jew himself is an anti-Zionist. It just shows how ignorant those types of people are. And yes, they are also antisemitic.

The Jewish Anti-Zionist Activists

These Jewish anti-Zionist activists claim that they are not antisemitic. But after watching this video, you can see just some of the evidence that proves they are. Saying the Holocaust is a hoax is antisemitic. Interacting with people who share Neo-Nazi and white supremacy websites is antisemitic. But the Jewish anti-Zionist activists who do this claim they are only anti-Israel, not antisemitic. That is just false. They are lying to the world.

It is sad that there are Jews who hate being Jewish. The fact that they are against the Jewish state, their own homeland, is just tragic. They don’t know their own history. Or they don’t care.

Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism

This is something that the world has to realize: Anti-Zionism IS antisemitism. They are the same. And those who try to separate the two just prove that they are antisemitic themselves. Being against the Jewish people’s state is synonymous with being against the Jewish people. There are no excuses. Anti-Zionist activists are fooling the world. They are masking hatred in a new way. Don’t fall for it.

Col. Kemp

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