Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour Hijacks Jesus to Push False “Palestine” Narrative

by Avi Abelow

Antisemitic women’s march leader Linda Sarsour is at it again, spreading more lies to push her Jew-hating, anti-Israel agenda.

Jesus is probably the most famous Jew of all time. History records him even being present at the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Yet, Jew-hating activists like Linda Sarsour, prefer to lie to the masses that Jesus was a “palestinian” to push their false narrative. It is disgusting how Sarsour and her ilk continue their lies to rewrite history. The term “palestine” was actually invented by the Romans to replace the Jewish name “Judea” to erase the Jewish connection to our homeland after the Romans murdered Jesus and later destroyed the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

The following comedy video should be shared by all to ensure that people do not fall for the Jew-hating lie about Jesus. Even the BBC knew that Jesus was a Jew!

Hijacking Jesus to rewrite the history of “palestine” is one of many lies that the Jew-haters of the world today use to rewrite history.

Not only was Jesus a Jew, but until the 1960s, whenever the term palestinian was mentioned, it referred to the Jews! The Palestine Post of the early 20th century was Jewish. The Palestine soccer team was Jewish! The Palestine electric company was Jewish etc.

Even the United Nations partition plan never mentioned the “palestinians”. It called for a Jewish state and an Arab state. Don’t you think the United Nations would have used the term palestinians if they actually existed back in 1947? The United Nations did not start using the term until the 1960s as well!

Until the 1960s, the conflict was called the Jewish-Arab conflict since it was clear from multiple wars and the huge Arab/Muslim world wanted to destroy Israel. Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon are some of the countries that attacked Israel to destroy her. Never was there an entity called “palestinians”. Yet, after decades of failing to destroy Israel, they created a new strategy to destroy Israel, by reframing the conflict as Israel as the Goliath instead of the David. Whereas for decades the world looked at Israel as a little David up against an Arab/Muslim world out to destroy Israel, they rebranded the conflict so that the world would look at Israel as the Goliath by creating a fake national entity called “palestinians”. It is this lie that Linda Sarsour and her ilk push today by hijacking Jesus to their Jew-hating, anti-Israel cause.

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